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Blender Dispenser System
A Brand New Way


Portion Control  Controlling drink costs is a science—not an art. That’s why the BDS relies on a microprocessor, not a ‘production artist’ to dispense ingredients.
Unlike some machines that portion ice costing pennies a pound, the BDS portions drink ingredients costing dollars per ounce!  Just enter the recipe into the microprocessor’s memory and feel confident that perfect portions will be delivered every time.  Serve every ounce to your customers—not to the drain!

A drink made Monday afternoon should be the same as one made Friday evening.  And a drink made in San Francisco should be the same as one made in Atlanta.   With the BDS, drinks are made on request to precise recipe specifications.  And best of all they are made fresh, smooth, and at peak
flavor—every time!

Labor Saving
Multiple-step operations are costly.  The BDS automatically dispenses up to 8 ingredients and water in  seconds.

No need to move from one area to another scooping and pouring on the run.  The BDS adds everything with just the touch of your finger.  All you do is add a cup of ice to the blender jar, select the drink, and touch ‘GO.’  In less than a minute you are ready to pour and serve!
 Expensive training sessions with high employee turnover are a thing of the past!  The microprocessor inside the BDS remembers the proper recipe portions.  No need to teach your employees a multitude of production steps.  They focus on the customer while the BDS delivers the drink.

Versatility  This is where the BDS really shines.  With just one machine you can make fruit smoothies, frozen coffee drinks, specialty bar drinks with or without alcohol—anything you can blend!
 Using concentrates?  Not a problem! The BDS electronically meters water to properly reconstitute any product.
 Using bag-in-box products?  The BDS accepts connectors from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Or attach the supply tube to a bottle cap connector
or any custom container on the shelf.  Either way, dispensing is controlled, exact, and hassle-free!
 The BDS goes anywhere. No need for CO2 lines;  just connect to 110V power. Water can be optionally plumbed or pumped.  Our proprietary pumps allow you to be up to 25 feet away from product staging without assistance.
 The BDS is available in 4 and 8 pump models.  The combination of
flavors can produce dozens of finished drinks.  All that versatility from such
a small space!

Clean up
Do your employees flee the scene at clean-up time?  They won’t with the BDS.  Just disconnect the supply lines and immerse them in a sanitizing agent.   Dial in the sanitizing/rinsing cycles and the job is completed in minutes.  Our exclusive ‘Clean-in-Place’ design means no lengthy teardown,      no lost parts, no re-assembly—
no disgruntled employees!


A Simple Three
Step Process

• Add ice to the jar, place jar    into the blending chamber and SELECT SIZE: Small, Medium  or Large.

The microprocessor knows the proper proportions of each ingredient and automatically
adjusts to proper size.


CHOOSE DRINK: Smoothie, Iced Cappuccino, Margarita, etc.

Programmable drink selections
make menu management
fast and easy.


• TOUCH GO and the BDS
comes alive!

Fruit purees, juice concentrates, alcohol and water are dispensed in exact portions
and within seconds your frozen beverage is ready to serve.



How the BDS works

Your recipe is entered into the BDS by accessing the programming mode of the microprocessor. Input up to 32 recipes into memory. To make a drink, enter the recipe number into the touchpad.

The microprocessor directs peristaltic pumps to draw ingredients through externalsupply lines. The pumps precisely meter product
into a blender jar
containing ice in the blending chamber. Water, if desired, is added to complete the recipe.

As ingredients are dispensed into the blending jar, a 3 peak horsepower motor begins the blending process. A pre-programmed blend cycle speeds the delivery of your drink—ready to serve.


Impressive Return
on Investment

Affordable  Mixing drinks by hand leads to waste.  The BDS eliminates waste and virtually pays for itself in ingredient savings alone.  Take a closer look:

Ingredients wasted per drink
  Cost per oz.  1/2 oz. 1 oz. 11/2oz.
  .08  1400  2800  4200
  .10  1750  3500  5250
  .12  2100  4200  6300
  .14  2450  4900  7350
  .16  2800  5600  8400
Assumes 100 drinks per day, 350 days per year.

Surprised to see how quickly a few wasted pennies become significant dollars?

Take a closer look
Add up the features and benefits of the BDS:

•Portion control
•Incomparable versatility
•Product consistency
•Easy to clean
•Labor savings


The Blender Dispensing System
truly is a brand new way of
producing frozen drinks!


Specifications for the
Blending Dispensing System

  BD4         9”W, 11.5”D, 26”H
  BD8         9”W, 19”D, 26”H
  BD8-W    17.75”W, 11.5”D, 19”H
  Clearance for air flow required on all models

  • Features a microprocessor controlled
3 peak horsepower motor
  • NSF approved half-gallon GE LexanŽ jar
  • Clear acrylic sound enclosure
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) provides programming prompts, selection read-out, and helpful diagnostics

Dispenser Features
  Three models available:
  BD4 Four-pump Blender Dispensing Unit
  BD8 Eight-pump Blender Dispensing Unit
  BD8-W Eight-pump Blender Dispensing Unit (Wide)

  • Designed for concentrations of 1.4 : 1,
to 5 : 1
  • Capable of pumping up to 25 feet from source
without auxiliary pumps
  • Accepts most bag-in-box fittings
  • Intended for shelf-stable products only. For products requiring refrigeration, ask about the Blendtec 1-2-3

Power Requirements
110V, 15A standard grounded plug

Water Hook-up
1 gallon-per-minute minimum, cold water


Blender motor coupling—lifetime
Pump assembly, electronics & motor—1 year  Blender jar—6 months





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